Light and Dark

This beautiful interior design masterclass is the Qiyun Boutique Hotel as refurbished by Quanwen Interior Design last year.

(Full project details can be found here courtesy of Arch Daily:

This is such an excellent example of how to balance feature and functional lighting, as well as adept use of light and dark tones and natural woods. So good in fact that I felt it warranted full examination.

Let's start with the lighting - The lighting plays a huge part in creating the welcoming atmosphere in this property. The spotlights and down lights are providing the general sense of bright and airiness here, but the subtle use of dark light really gives the ambience something special.

The term dark light (for the non lighting boffins) refers to light that is coming from a concealed source.

Here it is used in an open plan room in conjunction with the beams to create the Bedroom zone in the space. The result is subtle but striking and certainly adds to the inviting feel.

Dark light is also used behind mirrors and under beds in some rooms, producing the floating bed effect, as well as inside a recess in the dining room creating the highlighted circle that frames the bonsai. This quite simply adds a touch of magic to the dining space by modestly attracting attention to the feature tree.

The most noticeable examples of feature lighting vary between industrial and modern.

The industrial styled lighting is aptly used in functional areas like the kitchens. This creates instant character in areas that can appear stark and uninteresting when not tho