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Starting Zenterior

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Taking the plunge and leaving an employed career is never an easy move to make, but when you feel that the time for change is upon you I am a big believer in going with the flow.

I knew I was good at what I do, and had all the experience I needed of running an interior design firm to step out on my own, so one day I decided to take that leap of faith once and for all.

The Zenterior concept was born out of a desire to offer a service that helps other people get enjoyment out of designing interiors. Many people find it very stressful as they are concerned about whether or not they are making the right choices or are just totally overwhelmed by how many different aspects there are to consider. This is at the crux of what I do. I do not expect my client to know their bump from their twill, or their wave from their tempo, (exactly, How complicated can curtains possibly be, right!?) that's my job. I can ask the right questions, assess the needs of the situation and explain what I believe the best option to be and why. I am very used to working to a budget, finding the best deal for the money and above all making sure that the end result works both on a functional and aesthetic level.

Local sourcing is hugely important to me and I have found Cornwall and Devon so incredibly rich with creative talent and remarkable craftsmanship that I know that almost anything a project requires can be acquired, and preferably handmade in the West Country.

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