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Image by Edson Rosas


Zenterior offers a thoroughly bespoke interior design service to create a finished scheme as unique as you are, accompanied by quality craftwork in the making and fitting of their products.

Award winning interior designer, Liselle Milner, has been working in interior furnishing and design since 2006 and has worked on an extensive range of domestic and commercial projects over the years as well as having articles on design published both at local and national level.

Want to get the most out of your holiday let? Zenterior can help you get the clients you want with a look they will love. Cornwall's hospitality market is thriving, and to keep on top of the competition you need a property that looks the part, is compliant with all relevant legislation and is practical as a commercial rental. Zenterior does the hard work for you so you can sit back and enjoy your ideal getaway and the additional income it brings you when you are not there.


Zenterior Design help to make the process of getting your perfect interior style enjoyable and stress free. Zenterior's friendly and enthusiastic approach enables you to have as much or as little input as you want in getting to the end result, whilst having the confidence of professional guidance.




Almost all products offered by Zenterior are handmade in Cornwall in their professional workrooms. They try to source locally as much as possible and are continually looking for new West Country talent to promote. 

As an interior design company operating in Cornwall, they are aware that this is a region of disparity that is both dependant on, and a victim of the downsides of the second home and holiday let market. As the majority of their work comes from exactly this sector, the promotion of local artists, craftspeople and the extraordinary talent that Cornwall has to offer forms a central core to their operation, ensuring the local economy gets the highest benefit possible from their work. Cornwall is blessed with many small businesses working at world class levels of standards and creativity. It's easy to find inspiration on your doorstep.

Zenterior's impact on the environment is very important to them. They actively focus on using sustainable sourcing, upcycling, repurposing and recycling materials and minimising their carbon footprint. Preloved furniture is given a new lease of life in their projects, and furniture that is being replaced that is still in good condition is donated to local charities.

The future for Zenterior involves continuing to strive for increasingly sustainable sourcing and manufacturing methods, whilst putting a growing number of eco focused Cornish artists and crafts businesses at the centre of their work.

Image by Antonia Maria

"We love what we do and are just as happy making one, perfectly fitting blind in the ideal fabric as we are designing and fitting a chain of hotels. It's wonderful to help make any project the best it can be."

Liselle Milner - Co Founder

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