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Curtain poles and tracks do not need to be a necessary afterthought. There are so many stunning and ingenious designs available that it would be a shame to not let the nuts and bolts of curtain hanging play an enjoyable role in your design choice process.


Zenterior offer an extensive range of coloured, natural, colour matched or blacksmith poles and tracks from all of the major manufacturers including Silent Gliss and Swish, as well as lovingly handcrafted poles and tracks from small businesses.

Whether your curtain pole or track needs to be a feature, to disappear, or to perform a difficult function, we can find the right option for you. We offer both standard sizes or made-to-measure options including possibilities for bay windows, apex windows, room dividers or theatre stages. We can accommodate any curtain heading and corded or motorised options are also available.


Tel: 01726 339913



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