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Re-upholstery is a great option if you have a beloved item of furniture, or have managed to find a special piece at an auction or in a charity shop that needs a bit of TLC. Zenterior's upholsterers have a full understanding of both modern and traditional craftsmanship and can ensure that your furniture is restored to its best potential.


We also make furniture from scratch, so if you need a new piece in the style of your existing suite, or would like a bespoke armchair to your own design we can make that happen for you. The furniture we produce is extremely well made. You would be very lucky to find equivalent quality at a better price.

Getting a quote is easy; simply email us​ with your details and a photograph of the item of furniture you would like recovered, or images of the style of furniture that you would like made, with the approximate height, width and depth measurements and we will get back to you with an estimate. 


Tel: 01726 339913


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