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Your walls are the largest area of your interior. As such they offer the perfect opportunity to create a feature or provide the ideal backdrop to complete your scheme.

If you are wanting to create a feature wall using a wallpaper, this is likely to be the starting point at the crux of your design. Zenterior are able to supply wallpaper from all of the main designers, so we will be able to find the perfect fit for your project. We also offer mural wallpapers and custom options meaning that we can create any mural wallpaper you desire. Our designers can create a mural from your ideas, or use your own artwork or photography. The world really is your oyster (and you can have that image on a paper too if you like!)

We like to work with B corp certified Coat and Fired Earth Paints who offer a stunning colour palette, great coverage and are actively pioneering eco friendly paints. We can also supply Sanderson and Zoffany paints delivered directly to your door anywhere mainland UK. We recommend these companies because they are manufactured in the UK and offer truly excellent quality paints with good coverage and an easy to achieve non-patchy finish, unlike some other designer brands. The price point is good considering the coverage and quality of finish as these paints go a long way. The colour ranges are extensive and extremely usable making finding the right complement to your scheme an absolute pleasure.


 DESIGNER TIP: Always choose your paint colour last.

It is always easier to find a paint to tone with your scheme than the other way around.



Tel: 01726 339913

Cornwall and Devon

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