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We love to demystify interior design with our friendly, enthusiastic approach enabling you to enjoy the process of achieving exactly what you want and discovering some new and exciting possibilities along the way. 
We work both in domestic and commercial settings offering anything from one blind to complete your room, to design and project management for a chain of hotels.

We are competitively priced and have the advantage of having our own workrooms, meaning that we are in control of our lead times and product quality on our bespoke products.

We love what we do, so if you just want to call or email with your design dilemmas, we are more than willing to chat with you and offer advice where we can. 
If you would simply appreciate an idea of costs and are happy to measure for yourself, we can advise you how to measure in order for us to offer you an estimate.



For an initial consultation design visit, we meet with you at your home or at the project site and go through the requirements with you. We use this time to put together a brief with you considering possibilities, making our suggestions and getting to understand you and your project. This visit may include measuring and surveying the site if decisions have been made about what we are looking to install.

In preparation for your design visit, it is extremely helpful if you can share influential images with us. This can be in the form of linking us to your Pinterest board, magazine articles, or examples of furniture or artwork that you would like to use in the space. If you would like to start with a blank canvas, that is fine too. In this instance we like to see something from you that you really love. This can be anything from a favourite cardigan, an artist, a flower or Country to a colour combination or a mug. It really does not matter what it is, as long as it speaks to you.

Following your design visit, your designer will put together a brief pack for you. This varies based upon the requirements of the project but will typically include typed bullet points detailing the main points discussed during the visit, some visuals and colour palettes indicative of the designers initial ideas for the project.

Example brief board.jpg
indienne charm.jpg


When you have received your brief pack, we are available to discuss all the aspects contained therein and make any changes that you would like to see. This stage helps to develop our mutual understanding of the project, so please ask as many questions or make as many suggestions as you would like. From here we will be able to develop the concept more fully and assess the practical elements of helping it take shape.


3D digital imaging is when we recreate your space in 3D in our design software in order to show you images of the suggestions we are making within your space. This can be extremely useful for visualising the suggested design accurately. It is the creating of the 3D space that takes the time, so once we have put in the initial design time to create your space in our software we are able to make as many changes as you would like to see (within reason) at no additional cost, whether that be trying different furniture configurations or colour palettes etc. it is no problem at all.


When you are happy with the design brief and visuals we have put together for you we can start sourcing and creating mood boards and a cost estimate. We are very well accustomed to working to different budgets and will always work to get you the best quality available within your price range as well as making recommendations on where compromises are possible if necessary. We are not in the business of spending your money for the fun of it, we want you to have the very best possible end result. For this reason, you should feel assured that you can make as many changes, ask as many questions and look at as many options as is necessary in order to get everything exactly right for you. We are perfectionists and believe that taking the time to get everything right at this stage of the process is essential to achieving that goal.


Once you are happy with the details and have approved your quote, either a deposit of full payment will be required depending on your order. At this stage we will be able to determine proposed fitting/delivery date(s) for your order.


Flooring, kitchen and bathroom fitting as well as labour estimates for decorating are provided with the quotations for this work.

Other fitting services, like the fitting of poles, curtains, blinds and general space styling are charged at a rate of £55 for the first hour and £30 for each additional hour per fitter per day, with a capped day rate of £250.


Larger projects will require interim payments as parts of the project are completed. For smaller projects or orders the balance payment is due within 7 days of the fitting or delivery of the agreed goods. For orders of paint, fabric, wallpaper, furniture, lighting, rugs, poles, tracks and accessories where no fitting is required, full payment will be taken upfront.


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