How to Design a Whole Room from One Item

For some people having to design a room from scratch can be very daunting and the results can be either catastrophic or a little underwhelming due to playing it too safe to create a style that wows.

This guide asks you to find just one item that you love, and talks you through how to go from that one item to a complete scheme.

Choose Your Starting Point

Every scheme needs a starting point from which to develop your ideas. This should be something you are in love with, that represents you and suits the space it is going into. This can be anything from a lamp, to a painting, a fabric or a rug. It doesn't really matter as long as it makes you happy and is indicative of the overall feeling you want to achieve in the room.

In this example, I have chosen a Scion rug as the starting point for the design. This one item gives us a great deal to work from to put together a full scheme, and as a chosen "loved" item it is reasonably safe to assume that other items that complement this rug will not just work well, but will also be loved in their own right.

Colour Scheme

The 60%/30%/10% rule is a great starting point to put together the colours for the room. Here I have lifted three colours directly from the rug.

The 60% makes up your base colour, 60% referring to the amount of the room that presents this colour. This will usually be your paint colour and background colour in fabrics and so forth.