Zenterior's "Interior Design Masters" challenge

We were very amused to find that during our fitting of a luxury Cornish holiday villa refurbishment, BBC 2 aired the season 2 finale of "Interior Design Masters" featuring refurbishments of two of the neighbouring villas.

Who could resist a compare and contrast showcase? We couldn't! If you would like a catch up, you can watch the episode here until Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

The Brief

All interior design challenges begin with a brief. Murphy's brief was to create a family getaway, Ford's to create a boutique girly escape.

Our brief was to give the villa a general refresh and update in a style that would be appealing to holiday makers seeking a Cornish coastal holiday. We had a budget of a maximum of £10,000 and six weeks to get it guest ready.


The first impressions of what we were working with revealed a number of key elements that needed updating, including big ticket items like the kitchen that could quickly eat through the budget and time constraints if allowed. There was a very dominant purple theme, which doesn't immediately scream "coastal holiday" to us, so it is fair to say we were keen to move away from this.

The Designs

With such a tight deadline to work within, the initial ideas had to be put together very quickly and indeed a few substitutions took place due to Covid and Brexit related supply issues, but within a few days we had the following designs approved with the client.