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A Crush on Velvet?

Velvet began a huge resurgence during the Autumn/Winter Season 2016/17. At the time trend predictors were talking about this rise being linked to the need to bring in warmer textures for the cooler months, but the versatility of this textile has meant that it is still topping trend lists for 2019 all year round. Let's give this ancient Egyptian innovation the examination it deserves.


There is no denying the suggested warmth element that brought velvet back to our attention, especially if you choose a silk or cotton velvet. The weave makes for a heavy cloth with a dense pile that traps heat well when used for curtains or blinds, and creates a cosy and comforting feel in cushions, throws or upholstery..


Velvet has always been a luxury textile. The process and the amount of thread involved in making it means that there is no inexpensive way to produce it, but the lineage of its production proves that we believe it is well worth the effort.

The look of velvet oozes luxury; the heavy drape, the light reflected and shadow trapped in every fold. Even colours themselves seem more vivid when lent velvet's reflective nature.

Peacock Garden Linen

Peacock Garden Velvet


Designers all around the globe went cuckoo for patterned velvet as soon as we figured out how to digitally print onto it. The images above are of virtually the same design shown on the left printed onto linen, and on the right printed onto cotton velvet, making full use of the vibrancy the velvet is able to offer.


Perhaps my favourite quality of velvet, is the way it reacts with light. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are designing a room, and there are a variety of tools you can use to manipulate the light in a space. Choosing the right paint, for example, will determine what kind of ambience will result from the way the light reflects off the walls. The characteristic pile of velvet gives it both the ability to trap and reflect light depending on the angle the light catches it. The fibre make up and specific weave of the velvet will also affect how dramatic an effect you get from the cloth, but it certainly makes this glamorous textile a trump card to play in any designers hand.

Textile designer's are continuing their love affair with velvet, demonstrating their devotion by constantly inventing increasingly impressive ways to print, or weaves that accentuate this beautiful fabrics qualities. Velvet may be top of trend predictor's lists for this year, but I cannot see it falling out of favour any time soon.

All fabrics featured in this post available from Zenterior Design.

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