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How to Use This Year's Top 5 Colours

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

The Zeitgeist has spoken revealing a stunning colour palette of preference for the year. Let's take a look at the top five colours and how to use them for best effect.

#1 Deep Blues

Deep rich blues are hugely popular at the moment right across the spectrum from the greeny-teal-blues through almost-black-blues to Indigo. I love to use these tones as a background colour because they really make any accent sitting against them stand out.

They pair beautifully with a range of accent colours including yellows, reds and oranges and also work really well in monochrome schemes mixed with different shades of blues.

#2 Blush Pinks

We have seen blush pinks used a great deal to bring a little warmth to the grey schemes that have proven so popular in recent years. I love to see this colour used as a plain solid colour in a fabric or paint.

This soft, elegant colour works beautifully when layered with other pastel shades, or even as a soft touch with other jewel tones. Pinks in general make a beautiful and striking accent colour when sitting with blues, and a soft complement to purple hues as well.

#3 Forest Greens

Deep greens had been sadly absent from the interior colour palette for some time with the prevailing preference for lime greens. The rich forest greens started to come through a few years ago with the trend for tropical leaf prints. This sumptuous tone has now been universally adopted into all styles of design right across the spectrum.

Green is the most soothing colour to live with, which makes it one of the few colours I love to see in a monochromatic scheme just layered with warm wood tones. For a touch of opulence, pair forest green with an accent of copper. For a soothing complementary scheme, layer with blues and yellows with a touch of burnt orange for a warm accent.

#4 Soft Purples

Purples are featuring as a beautiful muted tone this year. Traditionally associated with royalty and spiritualism, it is a complex, opulent and inviting colour. Purple is a perfect balance of cool and warmth that makes it an extremely versatile colour to work with as it really does go with anything.

Purple sits beautifully with its complementing colours blue and pink, and works really well in Moroccan schemes with reds, pinks and yellows.

#5 Yellows

Emerging from the strictly mustard only trends of recent years that accompanied the rise in mid-century inspired schemes, we are now seeing much wider use of a variety of yellow tones.

Yellows make a really striking accent colour and are just stunning when paired with blues. This is one of the most used accompanying colours to grey, and is increasingly being used with its close cousin green. This lively colour can be overbearing when over-used, but is an obvious choice when you have a scheme that needs lifting.


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